The Application Status Check allows you to monitor the progress of your admissions application. You can utilize this option only if you submitted an application for admissions, either paper or online, through the East Georgia website.

Disregard the College Placement Testing Requirements/Placement testing required section! The system is looking for codes that are no longer available. Please visit the Accuplacer page for more information and review the many ways we can exempt students from the exam.

To check your status:

    • Go to the "Check your status" page.
    • Enter your Date of Birth (ex: Jan 03 2003) and full Social Security number (without dashes)
      • If you did not provide a Social Security Number on your application or if the information does not match what is in Banner, then your information will not be found in the system. Please call 478-289-2017 for assistance.
    • Click on "Show Admissions/Financial Aid Status"
    • Once in, you will see all related information regarding your application.
      • Under "Personal Information" you will find your EGSC Student ID number and myEGSC username (once accepted)
      • Under "Admissions Information" you can see your current term of entry (i.e. Fall Semester 2023), Major, Residency, and application decision.
      • Under "Documents Checklist" you will see your required documents checklist or if your documents were received or still outstanding.

For any documentation submitted, allow up two weeks for the admissions team to review all documents before sending an acceptance notification to you. If you have questions, please email admissionsFREEOMNIUPDATE.